Cybersecurity Awareness

We help you evaluate the current awareness of your employees, using surveys and measuring their reaction to simulated phishing e-mails, we may adapt the awareness contents to your specific needs, we deliver classroom or e-learning based cybersecurity awareness training and specific workshops to your top management and IT teams.  

Cybersecurity Solutions Integration

We can provide to your organization the most advanced SIEM, Security Analytics, APT Protection, Authentication, Application Security and Data Security solutions, partnering with leading vendors such as Micro Focus, FireEye, Swivel Secure, Fortinet, Rapid7, Palo Alto Networks, Darktrace, Blueliv, Netwrix, McAfee, Symantec, F5 and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security. Our team of passionate and highly-skilled engineers, […]

Managed Security Services

Our skilled and experienced team helps your organization detect and respond to cyber threats on real time. We might staff your Security Operations Center (SOC) remotely or on-site, or even provide the services from our own SOC. We support also hybrid models where we administer the client’s SIEM and the clients monitor and remediate their […]